Rachel was right !

This is basically a rant.

What annoys me a lot is most men think they are entitled to opinion when it comes to what a women should wear and how she should behave.

I want to share with all of you the bullshit I have to go through as a women because it’s getting too much to handle without cribbing about it.

So lately I wore a crop top for a girls day out and randomly out of the blue I got a text in instagram “or expose kab se karne lagi boyfriend nai mil raha kya?” I got two more texts about “why I am showing my naval it’s disgusting” let me remind you all these dudes are well educated doing pretty good for themselves.

And now I realize it’s not necessary for you to be uneducated to act like a dickhead you basically need a dick for that.

After that day I wore a saree for a certain event. And opps masters are still not satisfied now I look like an aunty a dadima 🙂

Well well that’s not all there is more to it

Two most bizarre questions men have asked me after I said that I identify myself as a feminist;

  • Do you support women wearing short clothes and drinking and smoking ? Is this your feminism and women empowerment ?
  • So you said you are a feminist, Imagine a man and a women are in a room and suddenly the women starts screaming and accuse him of rape but he didn’t even touch her. Will the society and the government will ever come to the recuse of the men who are falsely accused of rape?

The seco


Darling Angels


Humanities, the most underestimated College subject within the scope of which lies the shaping of the ideological stand of a nation and whose ignorance among the mass gives rise to Hitlers.

It is through “Art” that ideologies and developments in the field of politics, philosophy, sociology, history is brought up into popular cult. Cinema is one of the most advanced form of Art and is far reaching.

I am not a Film Student, not even one of those buffs who have watched all the Classy American movies but one thing I know for sure as a student of Literature is that Propaganda is not Art! Unless you are a Nazi of course. One of the most Bizzare experience is me watching “Buddha in a Traffic Jam”. So Mr. Vivek Agnihotri tried to pass the Naxalbari Movement as a sort of Zombie Apocalypse to me. I was just out of highschool when I tuned into one of Arnob’s debate. The debate was on Freedom of Speech and Expression and the one doing Randi Rona was Vivek Agnihotri after getting beaten up by the Students of Jadavpur University when he tried to screen Buddha in a Traffic Jam in their University. I got really intimidated with that incident so I decided to watch that movie. I did and concluded by myself that “Left” is a plague and we shall all be scared of the it ; the University people are all crazy and the Professors are all Villains .

It was when I didn’t start my college and now that I am in my last semester and consider myself centre left (may be) I have realized that Mr. Agnihotri’s masterpiece could be anything but not Art. It was more polarized than a magnet. Mind you it is not my bias doing the talk because another movie which I consider a Classic is “Newton” which is also a strong critique of the “Ultra Left”. I should be ashamed of myself to talk about “Buddha in a Traffic Jam” and “Newton” in the same blog.

Newton is so constructive in its criticism and so sharp in its satire (of the Naxalbari Movement). It has so many different layers and it digs into almost everything bit by bit. Every dialogue is a bomb which educates in the most neutral way possible. It revolves around a reserved category guy Newton Kumar who is too honest for any Indian Office, in the quest of doing his bit for his nation he manages to become the Preceding Officer of a Naxal Hit Village in Chattisgarh during Elections. He goes there and tries to conduct a fair election but the Army Chief makes his work impossible and sadly but obviously the Adivasis of that village are illiterates and have no idea about the Electoral Politics. Presumably Naxal Sympathizers and for being illiterate armless adivasis the villagers are ill treated by the Army. The Army is not demonized completely, when Newton Kumar asked the Army Chief why he is so reluctant about going to the booth and doing his duty till 3pm he said that ” these villagers have nothing to do with the elections they know nothing about it they are dihatis and for the sake of your stupid election picnic I cannot let my Jawans die in the hand of the Naxali Rebels, we are asking the government for night vision goggles and bulletproof vests but they don’t care a bit about it” hmmm fare enough.

One of the character claims to have the solution for this Naxal movement. When asked what it he says ” TV” and continues with ” jab ye log TV par coca cola or lux sabun ka add dekhnge na to apne aap sab kranti nikal jayegi”. Still now I feel guilty whenever I over do shopping.

Newton has so many different dimensions it didn’t demonized any ideology or manipulated the audience to believe in one and spit on another. This is what I consider a good movie.

Same is true for “Raazi” and “Uri”

In Raazi , Sehmat cries out loud saying ” ye kaisi Jung hai app logo ki na rishto ki kadar hai na insano ki”

And Uri is all about ” Unhe Kashmir chaiye Hume unka sar… Jai Hind Jai Hind”

Bernard Shaw once said

” War can so easily be gilt with romance and heroism and solemn national duty and patriotism and the like by persons whose superficial literary and oratorical talent covers and abyss of Godforsaken folly”

With this I rest my case.

I do realize that I have mixed up the left and the ultra left BTW.

I am not apologetic about doing it because this nation has normalized RSS for God’s Sake so I am not doing any sugar coating anymore.

Of course Me Too!

The Weinstein Ripple effect and the Me Too Campaign is so blurred. We don’t know who is wrong who is right anymore. I personally don’t find the campaign authentic enough. Women can easily misuse it for their personal grudge against somebody or just for the sake of being opportunistic and evil, but since it started off in America ,it is a movement in the whole universe now.

I don’t really know much about the American standards of sexism and rape culture or even the society. My whole Idea of America revolves around two movies : the first one being Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ Friends With Benefits ,where Justin and Mila swear by the holy book to not fall in love after having sex after that they play a lot of tennis and eventually fall in love. The second movie is Spotlight. Spotlight revolves around a news story of Boston Globe about child molestation by the local churches.

I know it’s not a very sane way to judge a nation by two movies, but yes one can easily interpret that in America sex is something very casual and so is molestation of the vulnerable by the authority or colleagues in the big institutions. But their legal system is very efficient because of which their protest art is mature and impactful. Among the big artists and journalists dissent is the pop cult. They are not afraid of red tapism or of the rapists masquerading as the authority. They are not afraid of being responsible citizens and voice out what they need to because they don’t have to worry about being lynched by a right-wing fringe group after releasing a book or statement unlike in India.

For the first time in decades Bollywood has copied something sensible from Hollywood. We can see the Me Too after shocks in India now. So Tanushree Dutta spoke up against the sexual misconduct and creepy behaviour of Nana Patekar and Vivek Agnihotri. I don’t know to what extent it is real but the reaction she got just creeped me out. I back Tanushree because I don’t think any Indian women in her right senses will dare to put herself up for something like this. This is not America, in America the campaign started off keeping empathy and solidarity for the victims in mind but in India it is all about victim shaming and it has always been like this.

Me Too with all its flaws is easy to follow because it is an online campaign. Going through the comment section of Tanushree’s statement made me acknowledge the fact that we are a nation of slut shamers and potential rapists. It is just there it’s just the way we are being brought up. There was everything from ‘chote kapre pehen ke dance kar sakti hai, sex scenes kar sakti hai to isko nana se kya problem hoga to she signed for it since she is in Bollywood to publicity stunt hai.

Talking about the Rape Culture with respect to the social structure we cannot ignore religion. One religious group over sexualize the women’s body. They have already taken into consideration and normalized the male gaze and perversion. So it is the women’s duty to cover herself and restrict herself at home to protect herself from the male gaze and rape. The other doesn’t look at women normally but as some epitome of divinity. You have to be Goddesses to be respected and that respect will last no longer then ten days. You have to pull off this stereotypical godliness in front of people warna ase larkio ke sath to ye sab hoga hi na. The Indian ideology about rape culture is this disgusting blend of both.

Someone very rightly said that ” the way we men are being raised, we don’t even realize when we are being misogynistic” and that’s where the filth begins.

yes it is at homes and at institutions which indoctrinate your mindset since childhood.

Happy Durga Pooja to all

Nazis of India

Here is the trial scene of the Student Activists of the White Rose Resistance from the movie Sophie Scholl : The Final Days




The White Rose was a non violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany led by a group of students and a professor at the University of Munich. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign which called for the active opposition of the Nazi regime. Their activities started in Munich on 27th June 1942,and ended with the arrest of the core group by the secret police(gestapo) of the Nazis on 18 February 1943.

Sophie Scholl , Hans Scholl and Christopher Probst were beheaded by the Nazis on the 22nd of February 1943. They had a so- called public trail and Roland Freisler was the judge for that.

Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl and Christoper Probst reminds me of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev.

Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were sentenced to death in the Lahore conspiracy case and ordered to be hanged on 24th March 1931.

Yes I find a parallel between the The Student movement of the British India and the Nazi Germany , between the White Rose and the HSRA.

These were all small battle cries for Democracy. Don’t know about contemporary Germany but things are still not in the favor of the Student Activists if you are critical of the regime.

If Bhagat Singh would have been alive today he would have been paranoid by seeing the fate of the founder of the Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Students Association in JNU.

It’s the third time in two years that the JNU administration has come up with rustication order against Umar Khalid. Khalid on his recent statement on the punishments against him and others of his association by the RSS/BJP dictated JNU administration states that –

” ….faced with rampant joblessness; faced with the wrath of the farmers, workers and the youth; faced with the limits of their communal, casteist and divisive politics; – it is clear that the Modi government is failing miserably and their lies lay exposed. Therefore, once again they are desperately trying to rake up farcical binaries and fictitious enemies today through its propaganda machinery. There will be more such jumlas, assaults, fictitious “conspiracies”, arrests and media witch hunt in the run to the elections in 2019 . And the desperation only shows the fear and weakness of a government that has terribly failed the nation and it’s people.”

The man who said these words is supposedly anti establishment the Godi Media however happily calls him Anti National and the public happily repeats it. Intoxicated with hyper nationalism and war mongering TV shows and speeches by the leaders, Indians today can’t take criticism against the government anymore , they are mixing the nation with the Sanghis and this in my opinion is the Naziation of Indian Politics.

Thanks to the little bit of Democracy we have, the party in power can’t behead the Student Leaders but they are spreading enough hate mongering propaganda for instigating others to do it for them. The Nazis had the whole government machinery the Sanghis have their Fringe Groups and the Godi Media.

When it comes to Godi Media, we have a very interesting character aka Mr. Arnob Goswami. While watching  ‘The Final Days’ ,the character playing Roland Freisler the Judge of the so-called People’s Court of Nazi Germany  reminded me of Arnob Goswami. Arnob Goswami thinks of himself as a Judge, nothing less than that. I don’t know whether Fleisler was a loud mouthed asshole like Goswami or not but he was depicted like that in the movie. Both didn’t let the convicts talk. Yes Arnob treats the ones having a different opinion from his (pro establishment) as convicts in a Nazi Court where he is the Roland Freisler. Arnob Goswami is the worst a journalist can get. It is against ethics to invite an Activist to a show and then call him a terrorist and ask him to leave. If you think he is a terrorist why the fuck on earth will you call him to your studio . Okay what if he bombs you or shoots you. Aren’t you supposed to take security measures. He won’t do it he wants drama and TRP in the name of terrorism he doesn’t have the guts to speak up against the real terrorists. Arnob is a Nazi inside no doubt about that he wants to be like Freisler and pass legal judgments while barking his lungs out, real bad.

Student Activism, Communism and Criticality have always been a problem for the Nazis in Germany and Wannabe Nazis in India but as time passes we end up loving the Scholl Anne Frank and Bhagat Singh type not the Hitler type.

Long Live Students Activism!








Chaste and Shit

If you think Burqa and Hijab are symbols of oppression and other women attires are not you are either ignorant or a hypocrite. You belong to that category in which you loudly criticize the customs and traditions of others but silently sleep with your own back home .

Women look the best in her mother’s saree. Have head people say that many times. You should be ashamed if you don’t know how to drape a saree. Now that you are married you have to wear saree all the time.

Yes marriage

I don’t think brides are beautiful I don’t think marriage is beautiful. What is all this tam jham? The attire of the bride is the symbol of oppression and restriction she is going to face for the whole of her married life, from now on her movement is restricted. In that expensive heavy saree or lehanga with all the heavy jewelry around, she is not even able to move or walk by her own. The pressure of looking the most beautiful and the heavy make up which comes with it, seriously? You think that’s beautiful. Funny much. That’s the dream of every girl ; to not look like her self on her wedding day. After the whole ceremony, her body aches, her face itches but she is happy. Happily chained happily in pain. That’s marriage.

Customs and traditions are just fancy and vibrant masks for repression.

After coming of age

After a certain age, you are not supposed to do many things. Now that you are grownup women don’t cut your hair short that’s too rebellious. Wear more ethnic. Act like a women.

I came to know from a friend of mine that in many homes the girls are not allowed to cut their hair short or colour it because that doesn’t look cultured enough it gives an impression of a bigri hui larki, and that’s normalizing repression in the name of chaste.

Short hair T shirt yoga pants or shorts that’s so comfortable for a tropical humid country like India but that’s not chaste enough.

And don’t dare to be comfortable in your dark skin. People around you will not let this happen.

So to be chaste in India you basically have to be uncomfortable. You have to wear the clothes which restricts your movement, you have to wear your hair long. Yes in this hot humid weather you have to wear your hair long. Don’t complain. That’s normal.

Hurray! You are a sanskari girl now. Get married , have kids. Normalize weird clothes and also populate the hell out of this overpopulated nation.

That’s what you are meant for.


Poor Little Rich Guy


Born and brought up in a poor rural household he saw his father working in the fields whole day long, he saw his mother doing the household chores draped in a saree for everyday of her life like all the other rural women. Sitting beside the green field staring at the men working there, he would curse this life. He was ambitious he didn’t want to die poor he wanted to explore the city and it’s lifestyle. Quite determined he somehow completed his schooling from the Boys school near by with one aim which was to overpower the rich brats with his marks which he did graciously. It was envy determination and passion playing orchestra in that small heart of his.

hurray! Our poor little ambitious guy is in the college of the nearby town now. His brother managed to get him the scholarship for his graduation. Now the whole world knew he was a Dalit the son a landless peasant who is going to study with them that too with scholarship. The whole village envied him irrespective of the caste and class but the Professor loved him. The poor guy was shocked because of the approach of some towards him. He talked with his brother about this as he was his guardian now the father being long dead. The brother said “that’s because of your caste”.


He would spend hours in the district library reading Ambedkar and Marx now. Thanks to Babasaheb he would repeat everyday before college, ” the proletariat has nothing to loose but their chains they have a world to win” being the jam. Thanks to Marx and Ambedkar he would say ” now I know why I am poor and why some didn’t show any respect towards my family and why me attending College is such a big issue”. Three years went away with a blink. He got busy exploring the geo-politics of his place reading more awesome German and Russian writers and some Bengali as well.

University Happened

The poor little Communist guy with the support of his big brother managed to get into the University in the big city. University was the first cultural shock point of his life. He now encountered Women, student union leaders and professors with voices and opinions. ” Women Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women Rights” fare enough right? but what about the poor guy who till now has only encountered silent women doing their household work draped in that long saree. He had met some women in college but those town women from the Raees Khandans were nothing like the noisy city women. These noisy politically active city women scared him. Are they even women? How come they are like this what is it?. He would think ” I have read about some in those books” but have seen them for the first time. Damn these are not real. How come women be this violent how come they talk like this with guys about issues not concerning them at all , where is that chaste that laaj sharam? they might be from another planet.

Yes it was tough for him. Encountering feminists in his 20s for the first time. He took some aspects for granted.”But I need to be politically correct I am from Humanities for God’s sake”. It was not that he was a godly person but still. Now he planned to go with the flow and be sensible.

The craziest thing he could do

Now that he was doing well in life.He married off a women. A city women. Not a feminist in the political sense. She did’t bother herself with all those boring stuffs. Her father was a rich man.She did’t bother herself with boring issues. Too busy with sports and friends. Then life happened.After getting a nice job her father married her off to our poor little rich guy. That was random umm no that was caste and we are in India. Our poor little rich guy is now married to a city women who couldn’t even cook and didn’t know how to lead an unmessy life style. They manged really well they faught as well but they were in love now. Love makes people accept anything. So now he would cook when the maid bunked. He would look after the mess. Soon he forgot that the womenfolk were supposed to look after the house and shit like that. It doesn’t hold any weight in his life any more.

He is a father to a daughter now

She grew up in a progressive household. Went to school and saw powerful women all around all the time.She took this situation for granted unaware of the past and not knowing her father’s roots.Seeing women draped in Saree and ethnics he couldn’t accept his daughter hovering in boxers round the house. What will people think? he would say? she would reply with ” they have no right to think about what I wear in my home and also judge me for that” oh damn this generation he would think she is more weird than those University women . She grew up in the generation of “Free the nipple movement” and “I need no men except for babies” not ” Adult Franchise” . The beast is bigger and fiercer now. Feminism is more scarier. She went to college came back home for summer holidays. Her father’s reaction was what’s wrong your hair and pants. Nothing she would say it’s your perspective. He was shocked.

Baba is sexist Maa

“All the girls are wearing ripped jeans shorts and off shoulders how is dressup an issue. It’s because of this small town. They just need to judge women. The middle aged like dad as well as the guys of our age. All of them are sexist.”

Am I sexist ?

He would ask his wife. I want her to get the best education I want her to be independent. Is telling your kid to dress up modestly and having a normal hairstyle like the rest of the girls is too much to ask for?

This was it. His flexibility was upto this point. How could he deal with the beast now?

He might be aging thinking about this generation to be too much like the previous generation thought about his generation, his left leaning of college days took a toll after the fall of the USSR , he was turning Conservative with age. Thinking how the old times were the good times. Forgetting his own struggle against that time. Honestly he didn’t had time enough to think about Feminism he grew up ignorant to the little changes which the younger women as well as his daughter took for granted.


I am not surprised seeing Indian Men getting insecure about Feminism or powerful women. It’s a cultural shock for most of them and their fathers as well.

They are as vulnerable as the women.

Tribute to the Butchered Blogger

bongIf you are born and raised in a middle class Bengali Hindu household in India it’s quite common to see your relatives and cousins or your parents being not at all religious. In our community circle it’s not that big a deal to be critical of your religion. I basically grew up taking this liberal atmosphere for granted. In a nutshell Indian Bengali Hindus are not supposedly “Kattarwadi” when it comes to religion but we love our culture that’s another thing and that’s next level chaos.

Things are quite different with our neighbors, Bangladesh( the best and worst thing which happened to the Bengali Community). Freethinkers are butchered like animals by hardliner Islamic fringe elements. You cannot criticize Religious Fundamentalists or be a Gay Right activist and breath at the same time it seems while in Bangladesh. Secular voices are being struck down in the most brutal way possible. Washquir Rahman, Nazimuddin Samad, Zafar Iqbal, Shahzahan Bachchu are some of the big names and there seems to be no end to this assault. Enough said about others even in India Muslims do not dare to be liberal or critical. I knew some who could’t come up with full blow of criticism because of fear. Cannot do any sugar coating but my grudge against this particular community was sky high after the Charlie Hebdo incident( yes two years back I was all absorbed with Fox News and Times Now).

Of course if Europe or USA gets even a scratch the whole world weeps but leave aside what they are doing to others . Well that was really Communist of me to mock the US policy ( communist is a gali apparently just like asshole).


Today’s India is no good. Secularism and Liberalism are the biggest joke. The one’s questioning religion,casteism, extravagant ritualism and the Sangh Parivar are being hunted down. Gauri Lankesh, H Farrok, Govind Pansare, Narendra Dabholkar were some of the free thinkers brutally murdered.

Apparently in India you need some extra talent to get yourself strangled to death by the extremists ; you got to be a Communist as well and having solidarity with the Dalit Movement is cherry in the cake of your death.

I would like to apologize for my earlier discrimination against Islam. Now I hate all the organized religion equally. Before the far right came to power in India and before the right wing fringe elements gained momentum. I could’t even imagine that the Hardline Hindutva is going to be the new cool of the land. In the transition period of me turning into a non believer I ended up reading Ambedkar and got inclined toward Buddhism but look what happened in Myanmar. The Rohingya Crisis is one of the biggest Human Rights crisis in today’s world. Irrespective of philosophy all the organized religion are equally dangerous when people get obsessed with it.

I see an exchange of culture of hate crimes against Atheists and Freethinkers  complimented with regressive bigotry between the extremists of India and Bangladesh.

We fancy that we are better off than the west and the west is the reason of all the crisis in the subcontinent. It’s not so, the way these kattarwadis (Hindu Muslim Buddhist Christian whatever) are dealing with the ones questioning and criticizing the established order of the land cannot be justified even with respect with the Medieval European context .

the god made by men needs men to make himself known to men”  

Shelley was sent down from oxford for writing that. Elits of the media houses and the Gentleman class made fun of him for being an atheist till his death. He was stripped off his inheritance he was forced(to some extent )to leave England but atleast he wasn’t strangled to death for questioning and that’s a story of the England of 1800 not 2018.

So where do you see yourself as an inhabitant of the Indian subcontinent in 2018 with the far right in power and people high in Hindutva and Islamic extremism?

The question here is : is your God and Religion this fragile that he gets affected by questions and criticism and your religious beliefs get so affected and endangered that you need to kill the ones questioning.

So, the creator of the whole cosmos needs your god damn protection that’s what your religion tells you. If so …

I am a proud non believer




Clash of Clans


The tribal culture is very fascinating. I don’t know much about it, but one thing I do know is that they respect mother nature. When I say respect I mean it. They are so not the ones cutting trees and doing air pollution in the name of havan to please the rain god. They have this exclusive approach towards the outside world like Wakanda (wakanda forever ) , which is very necessary according to me. In no way I am an insurgent sympathizer or a separatist but it does have it’s role to play.

Only because of the tag of a disturbed and volatile zone, the so called Vikas could’t reach the Northeast of India. By vikas the government means establishment of lung damaging cancer causing industries to make the proletariat modern slaves and also the setting up of power plants to meet their purpose and fill the pockets of their sponsors by making the local tribal population homeless and vulnerable. Thanks to the underdevelopment , because of which our water bodies are still water and not foam from the industry, our mountains are still green and not bald lump of clay. We still have real jungles with real trees and not concrete jungles with fake ones.

Enough about the perks of the volatile and country side of the northeast lets talk about the so called modern part. By modern I mean Shillong and Guwahati. Shillong and Guwahati is indeed cosmopolitan in nature.

Guwahati, the gateway to Northeast India. It was my first urban experience. Those big private schools , huge extravagant temples, Cotton College and those worthless big malls in Ulubari really fascinated me as a kid but not anymore. A Bengali in Assam’s capital is indeed a misfit. My mom, dad and aunt all of them can speak fluent Assemese, I am the dumb one who couldn’t grasp a language so sweet to the ear and so similar to the tongue even after spending every summer holiday in Guwahati. Everybody, from the auto driver to the icecream man to the salesgirl to mom’s friends everyone would give me the exact same look of disgust and blabber ” ahomo thakia ahomiya na janu”. I genuinely wanted to learn Assemese as a kid it is still music to my ear but the thing I hate the most is the fundamentalist and chauvinistic approach towards the Bengali speaking people of Barak Valley. The elite intellectuals of our state capital and the student leaders as well are spreading venom in the name of awareness. Barak Valley was added up with the Assam providence of the British Raj to meet up the revenue demand and we don’t really know what the actual fuck Barak is still doing with Assam. In a nutshell – The intellectuals of the Assemese Community are like what are these people doing here and the Intellectuals of Barak are like- exactly bro even we are a bit confused but that doesn’t mean you can impose your language upon us please deal with it ( Bengalis you know , dying for the mother tongue is our hobby). So unfortunately I couldn’t connect with Guwahati)

Shillong, the Educational Hub of the Northeast India in the other hand made me feel at home for the last two years. Everyone I have met till now knows a bit of Bengali or they are into Bengali food ; never expected that from Shillong. The Khasi Society is matriarchal in nature. People are not sexist towards women in general that’s rare in the subcontinent but damn it, this recent communal riot has screwed up the whole image of Shillong for me. I am not generalizing but hearing racial slurs and abuses headed towards the whole non tribal community from the students of prestigious institutes is quite scary and heart breaking.It was a very constructive move by the administration to cutoff the internet I must say. So yes reverse racism is a thing.

A city or a state capital is ought to be cosmopolitan, people from different race, language, caste, class, creed will come to the city to meet their needs and escape regressiveness of every sort and that’s why it is called a city and not a fuckin village.

Ripped jeans, leather jacket, English music and convent education doesn’t make one modern and urban, acceptance does. Acceptance in the real socio political sense.

Loving your culture and language is awesome and sticking to your roots is way too wonderful but butchering the others for doing the same and feeling insecure about it is weird.

Yes! northeast is beautifully weird.

I want to live in a clean and green environment with vibrant traditions and culture at play but not at the cost of the fear of genocide. Is it too much to ask? I think not.


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